Notary, renter, condominium trustee, craftsman, trader, liberal profession...

These activities are very specific. Receive relevant advice from specialists who understand your issues and needs.

Notary speciality, caraglio office accountancy

Notary & Notary office

The profession of notary is a regulated profession subject to the obligations of publishing a daily dashboard and closing each accounting day.

Within our firm and in order to support you, we have developed a mission offer allowing occasional replacements of your accounting department, within your office.

The objective is to allow you to deal with absences related to holidays and other unforeseen events, while respecting your legal obligations.

Our firm also offers classic missions of presentation of the annual accounts of the study, as well as any legal, tax and social mission related to your activity.

Renter speciality, caraglio office accountancy


Are you a renter of furnished or unfurnished properties?

You have invested in properties and you want to define the best tax strategy according to your personal situation?

Our firm offers you complete support: opportunity study, creation and accounting and tax management of your activity.

Please note that our fees may be subject to a tax reduction for accounting fees.

Condominium trustee speciality, caraglio office accountancy


Are you a condominium trustee?

Our firm ensures the mission of presenting the annual accounts of the trustees. We also support you on all the tax and social issues that you will encounter throughout your accounting year.

We are also experienced in managing the pay of condominium employees, covered by the French National Collective Agreement for “caretakers, concierge and condominium employees”.

Craftmans & traders

You are part of the most dynamic and creative sectors of activity on the market.

Our firm will be able to guide you in the management of your business and relieve you of the administrative part: taxation, accounting, legal, HR.

We offer different services according to your needs and expectations.

Every company is different; we know how to adapt.

Liberal & health professionals

You are starting your activity or are in the development phase. You practice alone or in association.

Our team will be able to accompany you on each problem that you will have to meet. We will offer you individual advice and answers to your questions.

During the financial year, we may also assess your end-of-year results, in order to optimize the management of your social security contributions.

We take care of your bookkeeping as well as the tax and social declarations relating to your professional activity.

Let's meet and discuss your needs.